Writing Samples


Where Wildfire Risk and Social Vulnerability Coincide: Mapping Place Vulnerability to Wildfire over the Coterminous US – Final Essay for Master of Public Policy degree, Oregon State University / 2015

Strengthening CITES by Promoting Sustainable Development – course paper for PS 577 – International Environmental Politics, Oregon State University / 2015

Marginal Policy Change in the CITES Regime: Power Domination by the Preservationist Coalition – course paper for PS 571 – Public Policy Theory, Oregon State University / 2014

African Elephants and the Impact of the 1989 Ivory Trade Ban: A Review of the Literature – course paper for ECON 539 – Policy Analysis, Oregon State University / 2014

A Theoretical Review of Public Participation in Public Administration (December 12th, 2013) – course paper for PS 572 – Public Administration Theory, Oregon State University / 2015


Cougar proposal inhumane [Letter to the Editor] (September 27th, 2015, Albany Democrat-Herald)

Bag It, Tucson: Turning Film Into Action (Friends of the Desert Issue 43 – Summer 2012, a newsletter of the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection)

What Will Effective State Trust Land Reform Really Look Like? (Friends of the Desert Issue 42 – Winter 2011/2012, a newsletter of the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection)

Plastic Bags, Not Litter, are the Problem, and We Need to Slash their Numbers [Editorial] (January 12th, 2012, Arizona Daily Star)

Creating Safe Passages: Protecting and Restoring the Sonoran Desert’s Wildlife Linkages [Brochure] w/ colleagues (January 2011, Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection)