Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Targets Cougars

I wrote a letter to the editor that appeared in the September 27th edition of the Albany Democrat Herald and the Corvallis Gazette Times. I called out the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for a proposal to kill even more cougars than are already allowed under the state’s quota system. This is, allegedly, in response to low and declining deer populations and to alleviate some human-cougar conflicts. The proposal, however, fails to consider new findings from wildlife ecologists and is indiscriminately cruel.

The 2016 Big Game Regulations … identify several target areas slated for an all-out attack on cougars. These target areas will add to the nearly 800 cougars already allowed to be killed through the state’s quota system.

Cougars in target areas are hunted with hounds and killed with snares and traps. Oregon voters have twice voted in opposition to hound-hunting. The department’s use of these violent methods blatantly disrespects the will of the voters and is indiscriminately cruel. These proposed regulations are terrible for cougars.

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